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Roadkill is the Internet fan club, that unites GFR fans all over the world. It was established by William A. (Bill) Parrette in 1996 and has more than 300 members. The main objective of the club is to share thoughts and feelings about GFR and their music, promote Grand Funk and unite most devoted GFR fans into one global family. To learn more about Roadkill please visit Bill Parrette's website:

Roadkillers of Russia
  • Victor Chernov
  • Alexander Ignatiev - the leader of Classic Rock, the contributor to Roadkill GFR Tribute CD. In 1999 Classic Rock was going to open Mark Farner's first concert in Moscow. Unfortunately at last minute Mark canceled concert for unknown reason.
  • Dmitry Pulinets
  • Oktay Rasizade - webmaster and editor of Unofficial Russian Grand Funk Railroad Site.
  • Andrew Tsygankov - professional web designer. He came up with original design concept for Unofficial Russian Grand Funk Railroad Site and also hosted the site on his domain from 1998 until 2004.
  • Alex Zhurukhin - author of multimedia CD which featured all Grand Funk songs and some Mark Farner albums. It was later released by one of Russian companies without his consent.
  • Mr."Black Licorice" Murzik - legendary rock'n'roll cat who was awarded CORK title in 1998 as an official Cat of Roadkill.

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Unofficial Russian Grand Funk Railroad Site