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Grand Funk albums released in Russia by Russian recording companies


Rare Russian pressing of Grand Funk's Masters Of Rock (Closer to Home) LP. It was released in 1993 by Russkiy Disk recording company. Contributed by Tom Lukashow

CDs released by CDMedia Records


License agreement: 2139/MZ-97, date 14.01.97

Caught In The Act Rus_CITA.jpg

Two in OneCDs released by CDMaximum


All tracks from both albums are included. CDMaximum asserts that CDs are made Under License by Russian Author Society; For Sales in Russia Only; All Rights Of The Producer And The Owner Of The Works Reproduced Reserved © 1998 CDMaximum. License agreement #09/MZ-98 date 20.05.98

rus_btde.jpg Rus_BTD.jpg On Time / Grand Funk / Born To Die
CDM 1198-216/217
Bonus tracks - single edit versions of Sin's A Good Mans Brother and I'm Your Captain
Closer To Home/Grand Funk Lives
CDM 1198-218
Rus_CTHLives.jpg Rus_CTHLives1.jpg
Rus_SurvWhats1.jpg Rus_SurvWhats.jpg Survival/Whats Funk?
CDM 1198-219
E Pluribus Funk/Good Singin' Good Playin'
CDM 1198-220
Rus_Phoe_AGITWB.jpg Phoenix/All The Girls In The World Beware!!!
CDM 1198-221
We're An American Band/Just Another Injustice (Mark Farner)
CDM 1198-222
Rus_ShininWakeup.jpg Shinin' On/Wake Up (Mark Farner)
CDM 1198-223
Mark Farner/Some Kind Of Wonderful (Mark Farner)
CDM 1198-224

CDs released by OOO Spurk

Issued under license agreement #2111/MZ, date 12.11.96 with Russian Author Society. No IDs are presented. Front covers are reproducing the original album's cover. On the back - the tracks list and producer's name without any further information.

Monumental Funk* Rus_MonFunk.jpg
ontime.jpg On Time
Closer To Home
includes two bonus tracks - "single edit" versions of Sin's A Good Mans Brother and I'm Your Captain
survival.jpg Survival
Shinin' On*
take a closer look - you will be surprised!
atgitwb.jpg All The Girls In The World Beware!!!

* Cover and leaflet scans are contributed by Alex Zhurukhin.

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