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Mel, Don and Mark: Times Square Billboard
Three faces among the countless who belong to the New Culture, setting forth on its final voyage through a dying world...
searching to find a way to bring us all closer to home

Марк Фарнер в Москве!   Mark Farner in Moscow!

Farner's Milk Club Poster

I'm Tellin' You We Learned To Fight For Justice
We're Willing To Die For Freedom
Hand In Hand
You Got To Understand
We Are American Men
We Are ...

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The American Band

This band came out of nowhere. July 4th 1969, Atlanta Pop Festival, three unknown young men from Flint, MI, performing raw loud hard rock with the new unusual sound, win hearts of tens of thousands fans.
They became the legend of hard rock faster than any other band and without the help from recording companies and generally ignored by critics.
They released 11 consecutive gold albums and sold out Shea stadium faster than Beatles.
They are (on the Time Square billboard above) :

Mel Schacher - bass
Don Brewer - drums, vocals
Mark Farner - guitar, harmonica, keyboards, vocals

GFR music has some kind of magic that started cult following among fans after Atlanta Pop Festival and continued into 21st century. You may not like Grand Funk music on first hearing (like most critics did), but give it a try more you listen it more you hooked in and eventually it stays with you forever. Buy GFR CDs and listen. It is the best advice we can give you to feel the magic of GFR. Here on Russian GFR site some pages like band's history are in Russian but for our English speaking readers we also have many pages in English and some are in English with Russian translation and vice versa. Welcome to explore fascinating world of Grand Funk Railroad.

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Mark Farner

Поп-фестиваль в г.Атланта, штат Джорджия, 4 июля 1969 года. Tрое никому неизвестных молодых ребят из города Флинт, штат Мичиган, играют мощный и очень громкий хард-рок с новым необычным звучанием. Их музыка оказалась столь завораживающей, что слух о новом чуде облетел всю страну, а позже и весь мир. Это случилось вопреки пренебрежению к ним со стороны звукозаписывающих фирм и неодобрительным отзывам музыкальной критики.

Слава Grand Funk росла как снежный ком, они выпустили 11 золотых (ставших затем платиновыми) альбомов подряд, они побили рекорд скорости продажи билетов на стадионе Shea Stadium принадлежавший ранее Beatles.

Они - это ( на афише наверху):

Mel Schacher - бас
Don Brewer - ударные, вокал
Mark Farner - гитара, гармоника, клавишные, вокал

Чем же так завораживает музыка Grand Funk? Кажущаяся вначале простой, при дальнейшем прослушивании она приобретает неожиданную глубину. Магия Grand Funk - в их музыке, которую нельзя разложить на части и анализировать. Ее надо принимать целиком - и она покорит ваше сердце. Лучший совет - чтобы почуствовать магию Grand Funk купите и послушайте (желательно несколько раз) один из их ранних альбомов.

Добро пожаловать на российский сайт легендарной группы Grand Funk Railroad!

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Grand Funk Chronicles
  • June 12, 2006 Capitol records releases Grand Funk Railroad: Greatest Hits CD/DVD deluxe package. DVD includes four previously unreleased classic TV and concert performance film clips and a never-before-released 13-minute promotional film We’re An American Band, shot in 1973 in multiple locations around the band’s native Michigan. Featuring interviews and performance footage, the film presents a glimpse into the recreational outlets pursued between sessions for the landmark album We’re An American Band. The DVD’s concert performance clips include I’m Your Captain from the band’s 1971 Shea Stadium performance, filmed by the legendary filmmaking team Albert and David Maysles.

  • 2005 Shinin'On - Grand Funk's hit from 1974 is featured in the Bad News Bears movie starring Billie Bob Thornton.

  • July 30, 2002 Release of new GFR Classic Masters CD. This 24-bit re-mastered CD takes place of phased out "Collectors Series" CD.

  • July 2, 2002 Release date of the new live Grand Funk CD from Capitol Records Live - The 1971 Tour. A collection of previously unreleased live tracks from Chicago, Detroit and sold out appearance at  Shea Stadium - 24-bit digitally re-mastered.

    Live 1971

  • Summer of 2002 We're An American Band from the same titled album is featured in the Disney's new full length animated movie based on the long standing Disneyland feature The Country Bears. The lyrics were rewritten and approved by Don Brewer for a G-Rated audience, and the movie peaks with the reunited Country Bears Band singing We're An American Band. 20th Century Fox is showing an episode of the hit show Judging Amy that also features the song We're An American Band on all American Airlines cross country and international flights. The same song later also was featured in the new Paramount Pictures film Sahara in 2005 and in Cuba Gooding's Radio in 2003. Check it out!

  • Summer of 2002 Capitol Records begins reissue of entire GFR catalog as a 24 bit re-mastered deluxe packaged CDs with bonus tracks and with booklets containing stories behind each album, rare pictures, memorabilia and liner notes, starting with On Time, Red Album, and Closer To Home optionally sold within of Trunk of Funk 12 CD set box. Other 9 CDs can be purchased later separately and placed into the box. David Tedds is the reissue producer and he, and Evren Goknar, do the re-mastering. It is the same team that did Thirty Years of Funk anthology

    Trunk of Funk
  • Feb 2002 General Motors Corporation has been using We're An American Band to support their recent national marketing campaign GM overdrive: Watch GM overdrive video

  • Feb 21, 2002 Grand Funk's Collectors Series CD became their 12th gold album. Now it is being phased out.

  • Dec 9, 2001 From Grand Funk to Grace - the Authorized Biography of Mark Farner by Kristofer Engelhardt (also author of Beatles Undercover) is in the print. Each book includes a 9 song CD of previously unreleased songs by Mark. You can buy a book from any major Internet retailor (like ). Read interview with Kristofer Engelhardt from the European GFR site.

    From Grand Funk to Grace
  • Apr 15, 2001 Hudson Music released Don Brewer, Live at the Modern Drummer Festival 2000, a video featuring Don's first-ever drum clinic. Don performs four Grand Funk classics, including Mark Says Alright. Plus, he talks about the origins of GFR, his involvement in the song writing, and more. For more information or to place the order, please visit or, call toll free number (888)796-2992.

    Don's clinic
  • Jan 2000 Russian band Grandbrothers from St.Petersburg participates in the European Tribute To The Gand Funk American Band CD with song Stop Looking Back. Band's leader is the famous Alex Liapin - one of the best Russian rock guitarists of all times. Order CD online.

    Янв 2000 Вышел в продажу Европейский CD Tribute To The Gand Funk American Band посвященный Grand Funk Railroad. Альбом издается шведской фирмой Record Heaven. В альбом влючена песня с альбома We're An American Band - Stop Looking Back записанная в начале 2000 года питерской группой Grandbrothers. Группу возглавляет известный гитарист Александр Ляпин (бывший гитарист группы АКВАРИУМ), в роли Донни Брюера ударник из ДДТ Игорь Доценко, Павел Борисов - бас (в настоящее время постоянно играет в ДДТ), Михаил Огородов - клавиши, вокал (известный питерский музыкант, аранжировщик - пишет музыку к спектаклям в одном из питерских театров). Вы можете заказать CD онлайн

    Tribute to Grand Funk cover Grandbrothers
  • Dec 2000 Mark Farner's new CD, Heirlooms, is released! The CD includes complete Atlantic Records sessions from 1977 and 1978. It includes the albums Mark Farner and No Frills, in their entirety, on one CD - a total of 19 tracks (over 1 hour of music). The albums were digitally remastered from the original tapes by Dave Schultz and Bill Inglot.  Mark wrote the liner notes, which document the sessions.

  • Nov 2000 Don and Mel made the following announcement to the GFR fans:

    New Grand Funk

    Dear Roadkill and all GFR fans,

    GFR would like to announce that a 2000 and 2001 tour is being planned. The band will feature Don and Mel, along with Max Carl on lead vocals (formerly of 38 Special and Jack Mack and the Heart Attack), Bruce Kulick (12 years lead guitar with KISS and credits with Michael Bolton and Meatloaf), and Tim Cashion, who has toured and recorded with Robert Palmer and Bob Seger. The first date scheduled in December 2nd in West Palm Beach. As we know more, we will be posting info at

    Thanks for all your support. We love you!

    Don & Mel

  • Oct 5,1999 We're An American Band album was released by Capitol in gold vinyl and in digitally remastered gold CD replica. It was released as the millennium action along with some other most famous rock albums of XX century.

  • 1999 Billy James' (a.k.a. Ant-Bee) book An American Band - The Story Of Grand Funk Railroad is on the sale. This is an unauthorized biography. Don wrote the forward and both Don and Mel helped with the preparation of the book. You can buy signed copy of book by stopping by Billy's website.

  • June 29, 1999 Capitol released three CD set box anthology Grand Funk Railroad - 30 Years Of Funk 1969-99. It includes three new GFR songs and number of previously unreleased songs. All tracks are digitally remastered from original analog master tapes.

  • March 7, 1999 Grand Funk Railroad was first time featured at VH-1 cable channel in Behind the Music program.

  • Jan 12, 1999 The 1976 album Good Singin' Good Playin' produced by Frank Zappa is reissued by MCA Records. Fully remastered, with liner notes (history of making album) and historical photos. Includes a bonus track which is a very Zappa influenced track entitled Rubberneck which was not included on the original album. Catalog # HIPD-40144.

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